Registration as an EU citizen

For this section, we’re going to blatantly steal everything from the lifeX Copenhagen website (check them out!). Some parts of their guide are outdated so we’re going to mix in some personal experiences.

Two weeks before you arrive

  • Apply for a Tax card. You will find the necessary information in your letter of employment or online (e.g. CVR number of your employer). If anything is unclear, ask your contact person at the university. You should have your tax documents before you recieve your first paycheck, otherwise a higher tax rate will be deducted (but you can get the difference back later on).
  • Apply for an appointment at SIRI Copenhagen. The “The Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI)” will issue a so called EU residence permit for you that you need to apply for a CPR number. You do not fill out the OD1 form from the website as your employer will supply you with one that includes critical information. Make sure you have that before your appointment!
  • Apply for a CPR number. The “Centrale Personregister (CPR)” number is one of the two numbers that will define you as a person living in Denmark. You will recieve an e-mail about two weeks after applying for one telling you that you can come and finalize the process once you’ve got your EU residence permit.

When you arrive

  • Got to your Siri appointment. Make sure that you’ve recieved the OD1 form from your employer and that you have a passport size photo ready.
  • Afterwards, go get your CPR number. If you have already recieved a confirmation mail regarding your CPR number, you can go pick it up at the International house right after you have recieved your EU residence permit. Bring the documents listed in their invitation e-mail.

Once you’ve got your CPR number

  • Decide if you want to get your Nem-ID (link Nem-ID article here) through the Borger Service or through your bank. Your Nem-ID is the second number that will define you as a person living in Denmark.
  • If you want to go through the process with your bank, pick one and apply for an account right away.
  • If you want to go through the process with the Borger Service, wait one week for your so-called “Yellow Card”. Once you’ve got it, book an appointment with the Borger Service, pick up all the documents and wait another week before you recieve your activation code. If you initiate the Nem-ID process from the Borger Service, do not try to do it at the bank as well. The nemID will keep getting deactivated and you will have to start the process over.

Once you’ve got your Nem-ID

  • If you haven’t applied for a bank account yet, pick a bank and apply for an account.
  • Set up your eBoks. It is an online letter box where you will recieve your payslips and other important mails.
  • Get yourself a Danish phone number. You will need it to use Mobile Pay. It is a payment service used by pretty much every person in Denmark instead of using cash. It’s great for paying someone back or for flea markets! It only works with Danish phone numbers.