Register an non EU citizen

Getting settled in Copenhagen is a long and confusing process, but hopefully, this page can demystify it for you a little bit.

Getting a Visa and CPR number

Visa application will be done by an HR representative. All you need to do is wait for the email from them and provide the information they ask. Once the application is submitted, you need to go to your embassy, etc. Paperwork will be processed and you will receive your visa in the mail. Keep in mind that the embassy charges a separate fee than the website and that you will have to pay both. You will be able to get the money reimbursed if you’d like. Ask the administration at the center you are in for more information.

Registering your CPR number

The visa letter will contain your CPR number. However, this has not yet been registered, meaning that it is not active. You have to go to this website and apply to register your CPR number. The website says to ‘apply’ for your CPR number, which might seem confusing, but it is the correct website. About 1 to 2 weeks later, you will be notified to go to the international office with a form of ID to receive the letter confirming that the your CPR number has been registered. About one week after receiving the letter, your danish residence permit card will arrive in the mail (make sure that you have your full name written on the mailbox), and after another week, the yellow card should arrive as well. You do not need to do anything else to get the residence permit and the yellow card. Keep in mind that you should not leave the country before you receive your residence card. If you need to leave, there is a special procedure for that. Ask about it at International House.

Because you need an active CPR number to apply for a bank account, it is important that you register your CPR number as soon as possible because this could take 2 to 3 weeks to arrive. It will also take at least 6 weeks to get a bank account, so keep this in mind! Tip: I would advise you to apply for the CPR registration a week or two before arriving. This would be possible because you will have the visa letter, the work contract, and the rental contract already.

Applying for a tax card

Basically, you have to apply for a tax card in order to get 36% taxation of your salary. Otherwise you will be taxed 55%. You can apply in person at the International House, or online. Keep in mind that if you apply for the tax card online it will take them around 4 weeks to process everything. This means that your first salary might be taxed 55% even though you submited the application. Don’t panic! They will pay you back the money with your next paychecks. You may call them to check what is wrong (you can find the phone number on their website but be prepared to wait 20-40min to speak to someone).

NemID options

What is the NemID?

NemID is a login solution for danish banks and government websites that is unique to each user and common across websites. You can read more about it on Wikipedia. Once you have your NemID you can access your Digital Post. This is your official mailbox where you will receive payslips, mail from the doctor, important notices from the Danish government, and so on. You also need the NemID to approve online purchases or sign official documents, so it is pretty important to have.

How can you get it?

To get the NemID you need a registered CPR number and a valid ID. You can get the NemID from the bank, but because getting a bank account takes a while, you can also go to the citizen service (Borgerservice) to get it. It doesn’t matter who issues the NemID, it will work in all situations. However, do not start the procedure to receive the NemID from the bank and from the Borgerservice at the same time. If you do, you will get the NemID, but it will be void, and you will have to start over, and it takes about 2 weeks each time. To get the ID through the Borgerservice, make an appointment with the nearest citizen service center here. One week after the appointment you will receive the NemID code card in the mail. If you are technologically inclined, you should set up the NemID code app. Then you can use your phone instead of the code card, and this is much more convenient.